Winter Wonderland Aerials

Winter is a time of dormancy, rest, and recuperation before the coming seasons of warmth and growth.  While it can be hard to go outside in cold weather, I still need to get out there, get shooting, and just continue to create!
My drone has provided me with an easy way to just get out and explore, even if I'm lacking ideas for photography.  With our first real good snowfall of the year earlier this month, I took my quadcopter out for a spin twice in one week.  
I spent most of my air time on an aerial exploration of Scarborough Beach.  This terrific location is often overshadowed by the better known Narragansett Town Beach to the north, but I've found it to be a wonderful stretch of sand and swell.  On this day in particular I was enjoying photographing the long lines of surf and white wash as they rolled onto the beach.  
This outing made me realize I'll have to start making critical decisions about my photography whenever the surf comes around!  Do I take out the DSLR and telephoto lens for action shots?  Or the tripod for abstracts?  Or the drone for a new surf perspective?  Or take the GoPro off the drone and hop in the water?  The water is surely more interesting with wave action and white water, even from a birds eye view.  I can only carry so much gear whenever I go to the beach!  This will just mean more planning as I watch the surf forecast from here on out...
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