Sunrise at East Beach

Sunrise takes some serious motivation for me.  Luckily, in the wintertime the sun rises at 7am instead of 5am, so it's a little easier to crawl out of bed and go for a morning adventure.  I recently took such an adventure, and while I didn't quite make it to the beach in time for the morning pinks and purples, I launched my drone first thing to photograph the golden glow on the water.  
The waves were small, but they crashing along the shore and sending spray flying into the air.  My aerial work is usually so steeped in blues or greens, I was relishing the variety of jewel tones exploding from the water as the waves were backlit by the sun.  There were splashes of gold and yellow, with undertones of purple in the shadows...  It was so different and so wonderful all at once.  
But my trip to the beach didn't end there.  After a quick flight, I set up my Nikon D750 on the tripod and played with some abstracts.  The golds were making their way into the motion blurred frames as well, as the morning provided a much different color palette to my usual work.  It was a wonderfully sunny and "warm" morning spent on a winter beach.  If I can walk away from just half the sessions this excited about what I captured, perhaps I can make myself more of a sunrise photographer after all :)
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