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Golden Hour Yoga

Outdoor photography can be a tricky thing, mostly from it's identifying feature:  the outdoors.  It can be hard enough to find the time to do a shoot, add in other people's schedules, unexpected weather, and it can be downright difficult to get that perfect shot! A couple months ago I planned an outdoor yoga shoot with my new model friend, Amy. We were planning on photographing in the snow in...

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Junior Race Week Part 2

Day 2 of Race Week witnessed more wind troubles again as NBYA sailed out of Colt State Park in Bristol. A westerly/north westerly breeze spoiled any chance the sea breeze had of filling. And although our beloved southerly made a valiant effort to fill around noon time, it was quickly thwarted by that NW breeze. I joined the Opti Red White and Blue fleets for day 2, and again only one race was...

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Junior Race Week Part 1

The event to signal summer's over and the school year is about to start: Junior Race Week. Every year, the junior sailing division of the Narragansett Bay Yachting Assoc. holds it's "junior olympic" event, welcoming all junior sailors from across the entire bay to compete in a (almost) week long event. This event culminates an entire summer's worth of regattas and competition. In the end, a winner...

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