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(Not) Surf // Winter Storm Toby

When everyone heard there was another nor'easter on the way, only a couple weeks after Winter Storm Riley which delivered both damaging winds and amazing surf, there was a rush to buy bread and milk and prepare for the worst. To say Toby underdelivered here in Rhode Island would be an understatement. We got light rains, some decent winds, but not the forecasted 12–18 inches of snow or double...

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Nemo, Meet Lensbaby

We were spoiled with our unseasonably warm January. Mother Nature decided to greet New England and the coastal communities with a historic blizzard for February instead! With record breaking snowfall in some areas, and hurricane force winds at times, Rhode Island saw about 2 feet of snow in most places! I don't remember having this much snow on the ground since I was a little kid and 1 foot of...

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Green Hill #3 and a New Lens

Green Hill. A stretch of Rhode Island beach along the southern shores crowded with empty summer condos and beach houses. This little spot will have surf every now and again, and on a clear day you can see Block Island on the horizon. It's nice to have a place of solitude, but this visit was on one of our unseasonably warm days, about 50 degrees in the middle of January. I wasn't alone as there...

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